120-71 -- Church at Hornitos

120-71 — Church at Hornitos

1 Chronicles 4:9
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

What does it mean for us
when we speak of ministry?
How do we view an
increase to our ministry?
Do we see an increase
as getting more money?
Do we see it as a chance to offer more love?
Having a quantitative change
that means more of the tangibles?
Or, do we view it as a
qualitative change,
that is more about our experience in ministry?
Some think of an increase of ministry
as more in the pews.
More in the coffers.
Bigger better everything.
But what if a ministry that is enlarged
means more
power and
to do that thing
to which each one of us has been called?
And to what have we been called?
If the Spirit told you
to move into your calling,
do your ministry,
where would you go,
what would you do,
how would you do it?
This is not rhetoric.
This is not frivolous.
This is as important as it gets for a Christian!
The Geyserville Christian Church
is a large part of my ministry
but it is not my ministry.
I actually have a mission statement
for my ministry.
It is this:
to be available
to those in need and in pain,
to listen to and comfort
those who grieve and are suffering,
to speak the Good News when I can,
and to those who will hear,
that God loves abundantly
and with abandon,
does not judge but only affirms.
This, to me,
is news that is as good as it gets:
It is a different story
from the more conservative story,
and many,
cannot accept the depth of this unconditional love.
They become afraid
when I tell it to them
and they try to warn me
of the fiery cost If I am wrong.
But if I am wrong,
then so was Jesus,
and my vision for ministry,
and the Good News I proclaim,
comes from my understanding
of what it was Jesus claimed.
If you do not think that you have a ministry
and are certain you do not
have a mission statement,
it might be time to
and re-state
how your interactions with others
might appear in the eyes of God.
You probably already have them.


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