Seeing Through the Veil

Seeing Through the Veil

Mark 9:2-9
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Sometimes the sky opens
and we can see
what is behind the air we breathe.
The oxygen and other gasses
part and, WOW, there it is,
the glory of heaven.
Made apparent and clear. And,
just for a second or two, there is
a pause between the
heart-beats of eternity
and presented
to us,
for us,
for reasons we cannot fully
or understand,
the wonder
we sometimes wonder about.
And just for that space between
cosmic heart beats
we know that it is real,
and we know that we are
real as well.
And we are so overwhelmed we
do not know what to do,
so we say something irrelevant and
then walk on as if it never happened—
but we know that it did…



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