1 John 2:2-6
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved



Too much emphasis is placed on salvation
and not enough on
the gritty,
work of being—
Many act like salvation is up to them,
and seem to not have a lot of trust in God
to be honest and just—fair.
If, through Christ,
salvation is a given,
and I believe it is,
then our work is not to get saved,
or get better saved,
but to do what we are told.
And what are we told to do?
Act like Jesus. Be like Christ.
AND, doing this is two-fold—it’s called praxis.
Taking action, what we do,
and then reflection on that action, how we pray.
Do we care,
really care for the outsider?
Do we pride ourselves
on being better than the downtrodden,
or do we go out of our way to lift them up?
The question is not what would Jesus do
it’s what did Jesus do—what do we do in Jesus’ name?
Do we give money and let others do the work of Christ,
or do we dig in and find an answer to the
how-do-we-know question
all on our own?


John 1:1-5
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

091-84--Spring Puddle and Granite - Alpine County

091-84–Spring Puddle and Granite – Alpine County

“Light! God is Light!
There is no trace of Darkness in God!”
This reads like
first-hand knowledge.
This reads like
This reads like
the wisdom of an open heart,
of a soul bathed in the warmth of divine light.
But then again,
we know this, do we not?
We are Christians so we have seen as well,
haven’t we?
Haven’t we stood in this healing,
glorious, refulgent light?
And we have.
And we are seeking it.
And we dream of it.
And we want more of it.
We sing of this light!
We give our praise to the one who brings light.
But then again,
those early disciples
walked with the giver-of-this-light,
and never saw it until after the fact.
There is a beauty we recognize
when we see the light of God
that is beyond
what our minds can grasp.
This beauty breaks our hearts
in a way that allows the light
to burst in and wash us with truth
and healing and hope and courage and sight and purpose.
This light gives us sight in our darkness,
a true light to our path,
and a companion on our heart’s journey
as we move deeper and deeper
into this bright vision of God.


Fires of Betrayal --- Berkeley Hills 1991

Fires of Betrayal — Berkeley Hills 1991

Mark 11:8-14 & Mark 14:66-68
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

The pageant of Passion Sunday
in sixteen verses,
or three lines:
Praise him we love him;
I don’t remember him;
never saw him before…
The Easter Sequence
is not so much about what happened to Jesus,
but about our culpability in the betrayal.
Sure we weren’t there,
but we don’t need to have been to understand
the depth of the denial and
and the pain felt from the betrayal.
This has happened to us—
by a friend or loved one;
we have done this—
to a friend or loved one.
The stories about Jesus may
have occurred centuries ago,
but they are always about right now.
We have betrayed;
we are betrayed
by others,
by our political leaders,
by our churches,
by friends,
by lovers,
by ourselves.
The time has come for love.
In accepting just who we are
and only in accepting just who we are
can God’s love be truly real.
And who are we that we are to accept?
In the eyes of God we are a people of love,
not a people of anger and bitterness,
denial and betrayal—
For God’s sake,
for our sakes
let us live into this…


Searching For Galilee

Searching For Galilee

Mark 16:1-8
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Crazy scary, spooky, and just a little weird:
that’s Easter Morning for the two Marys and Salome.
They go to put perfume on a corpse,
and find an empty tomb and a guy
in a white robe. He says
to tell His disciples and Peter that
“He is going-ahead-of you to Galilee…”
The way everything gets told in our own time,
I would think that he would have told them
to look for him in their own hearts,
but no, he’s in Galilee waiting for you.
Does this mean that we all have to dash off
to Galilee to find Jesus? No.
But it might mean that there is a place
we can go where Jesus waits for us.
So the question arises, where is your Galilee?
Where is it you go when you want to meet up with Jesus?
Church? The shower? A lake?
With a loved one?
It might be in the depths of your soul.
The place you meet Jesus could be
different all the time, but always a surprise.
Go to Galilee, he waits where for you…
Where, as the song goes,
“he walks with you and talks with you
all along your way…”
Where is your Galilee?