Searching For Galilee

Searching For Galilee

Mark 16:1-8
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Crazy scary, spooky, and just a little weird:
that’s Easter Morning for the two Marys and Salome.
They go to put perfume on a corpse,
and find an empty tomb and a guy
in a white robe. He says
to tell His disciples and Peter that
“He is going-ahead-of you to Galilee…”
The way everything gets told in our own time,
I would think that he would have told them
to look for him in their own hearts,
but no, he’s in Galilee waiting for you.
Does this mean that we all have to dash off
to Galilee to find Jesus? No.
But it might mean that there is a place
we can go where Jesus waits for us.
So the question arises, where is your Galilee?
Where is it you go when you want to meet up with Jesus?
Church? The shower? A lake?
With a loved one?
It might be in the depths of your soul.
The place you meet Jesus could be
different all the time, but always a surprise.
Go to Galilee, he waits where for you…
Where, as the song goes,
“he walks with you and talks with you
all along your way…”
Where is your Galilee?


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