John 1:1-5
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

091-84--Spring Puddle and Granite - Alpine County

091-84–Spring Puddle and Granite – Alpine County

“Light! God is Light!
There is no trace of Darkness in God!”
This reads like
first-hand knowledge.
This reads like
This reads like
the wisdom of an open heart,
of a soul bathed in the warmth of divine light.
But then again,
we know this, do we not?
We are Christians so we have seen as well,
haven’t we?
Haven’t we stood in this healing,
glorious, refulgent light?
And we have.
And we are seeking it.
And we dream of it.
And we want more of it.
We sing of this light!
We give our praise to the one who brings light.
But then again,
those early disciples
walked with the giver-of-this-light,
and never saw it until after the fact.
There is a beauty we recognize
when we see the light of God
that is beyond
what our minds can grasp.
This beauty breaks our hearts
in a way that allows the light
to burst in and wash us with truth
and healing and hope and courage and sight and purpose.
This light gives us sight in our darkness,
a true light to our path,
and a companion on our heart’s journey
as we move deeper and deeper
into this bright vision of God.


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