1 John 2:2-6
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved



Too much emphasis is placed on salvation
and not enough on
the gritty,
work of being—
Many act like salvation is up to them,
and seem to not have a lot of trust in God
to be honest and just—fair.
If, through Christ,
salvation is a given,
and I believe it is,
then our work is not to get saved,
or get better saved,
but to do what we are told.
And what are we told to do?
Act like Jesus. Be like Christ.
AND, doing this is two-fold—it’s called praxis.
Taking action, what we do,
and then reflection on that action, how we pray.
Do we care,
really care for the outsider?
Do we pride ourselves
on being better than the downtrodden,
or do we go out of our way to lift them up?
The question is not what would Jesus do
it’s what did Jesus do—what do we do in Jesus’ name?
Do we give money and let others do the work of Christ,
or do we dig in and find an answer to the
how-do-we-know question
all on our own?


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