135=72 -- Sun & Sky on Tree #1 --- A Dialect of Praise

135=72 — Sun & Sky on Tree #1 — A Dialect of Praise

Ephesians 5:3-4
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

A vocabulary
of Thanksgiving…
This text reminds us
of just how far
many of us have gotten
away from the core
values of our
holy and sacred
To have a dialect
of thanksgiving
means that while we may have a
that is common to our national heritage,
we, nonetheless,
speak out of a
sub-culture of thanksgiving.
We know
and understand
the language of
grump, carp, complaint and dissatisfaction,
but in our region,
over here where we live,
in this appellation,
thanksgiving is spoken.
Jeremiah 31:29 says:
“In those days they shall no longer say:
“The parents have eaten sour grapes,
and the children’s teeth are set on edge.”
And again Jeremiah 31:30 states,
“But all shall die for their own sins;
the teeth of everyone
who eats sour grapes
shall be set on edge.”
Which is to say
we are responsible for our own
emotional and spiritual well-being.
Us not them.
We choose,
move to,
the appellation in which we live,
and the dialect we speak.
We always get to choose.


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