Hope #3

Hope #3

John 17:6-19
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

It is appropriate that Jesus asks
all this good stuff for us.
Because how would we even know
to ask this for ourselves?
It is good to be guarded and kept safe.
It is just fine that we are led on the right paths.
It is just fine that we are made to feel special,
and know that Jesus,
at least Jesus,
sees that we are not part of the God-rejecting-world.
And so his prayer is only for us
and totally exclusionary of outsiders.
Wait! What?
this causes me to wonder just who
actually wrote this scripture,
and why?
if Jesus actually said this?
This is purported to be
Jesus’ great pastoral prayer,
and the exclusionary elements
are mostly overlooked because of that.
But I have committed myself
to doing my biblical studies
through a lens of love,
and of a sudden
this prayer seems not so great after all.
I like being cared for
by God and all that
if we are to take this reading at face-value,
we are forced to ask,
why did not God give the rest
of the “God-rejecting-world”
to Jesus?
Why not pray for them,
The time has come for love,
and that time came with Jesus.
By using the absolute,
unconditional and mind-blowing
love of God
that is revealed in Jesus
as an interpretive principle
by which to read scripture,
I discover the human thinking
and intent behind this text—
The writer wants to show the church,
just how special they/we are,
and can only do so
by creating an us-and-them
Love expects,
more than that…
Love is an open heart
that will always include,
and protect—all!


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