Psalm 104:24-35 & Acts 2:1-4
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Wind and Fire and Spirit

Wind and Fire and Spirit

In the Psalm
we read how when God’s Spirit
is sent out in the Spring
new life springs forth across the land.
In Acts
we read how when God’s Spirit
is given
on the day of Pentecost
new life springs forth
in a small group of social outcasts
who had chosen to be followers of Jesus.
What’s up here,
does God have two spirits,
or is something else going on
in a sub-text we should know about?
And, what is Pentecost, anyway?
For the Jews:
Pentecost, the Greek name for Shavuot,
and is seven weeks,
fifty days,
after the 2nd day of Passover.
It is the spring festival of wheat—
the empowerment of life after winter.
It is a celebration
of the fulfillment of God’s Covenant
by the revelation of the Torah—the Law—
on Mt. Sinai.
For Judeo-Christians, us:
Pentecost is seven weeks after Jesus’ Resurrection.
It is the elevation of God’s Spirit
over what had become known as, Law,
and the empowerment of
the Christian Church.
It is also considered a strengthening
of those early Christians
to fulfill the Great Commission of
the resurrected Jesus to his disciples,
which was to spread
his Gospel to all the nations of the world.
Because of this later
it is considered to be the birth of the Church.
The Holy Spirit
is by many considered to be the
third aspect of what is known as the Trinity—
Father, Son, Holy Spirit—
which seems to only work
in a paternalistic context.
But what is Pentecost for us?
It is the promise of continual renewal,
an invitation to us to be always open to God’s way,
an offer by God
of strength sufficient for the living of our lives,
a sign of love and compassion,
a knowledge
that old, stale, ways can be transformed
into newness and hope,
and that love has more power than tradition.


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