Passion and Prayer

Passion and Prayer

Psalm 130
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

So much of Sunday church worship
is nice and safe and sweet and gentle,
and I think,
\while this is a good thing,
most of the time,
we get taught lessons that
do not apply to our daily living,
and imply
that this is how we ought to pray,
all the time.
Applying a spiffy,
polished-up and tamed-down
church model
to our everyday living is not ideal.
For most,
our lives are not nice and safe and
sweet and gentle.
Wild, crazy,
mean, scary,
treacherous, hurtful, horrible
things happen to us
and those we love
off and on throughout our lives,
and it piles up
until we think we will explode
from the stress.
Betrayal and agony
and death and misery,
and mind-crushing boredom,
lives that fall short of
dreams and potential,
and flat-line for
upon year
upon year
upon year.
For many of us
these are the daily weights
with which we struggle,
drag up the proverbial hill,
day after day,
decade after decade,
and somewhere,
in a partitioned-off corner
deep within our soul
there is an outrage,
born of inequity and despair,
that waits to escape.
And it will
when there is enough provocation.
These are the times when the
prayers and praise
of our worship lead us to think what we really
have to express
is not only inappropriate,
but blasphemous.
Not so!!!
God wants us,
all of us,
not only our praise
but the full expression of our true emotions.
Praying should always be the most honest expression
of where we are
at that precise moment we are living.
Screaming, swearing,
crying, jibbering,
denying God,
making rude-gestures-at-the-sky at God,
cursing God:
all these are very timely,
praying forms,
and they are,
in some ways truer
and more honest forms of prayer
than the prayers we generally think
we ought to pray.


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