AND IT’S BEEN SO CRAZY — good/bad/weird

Trying to See Through the Layers of Weird

Trying to See Through the Layers of Weird

Wisdom 1:13-15
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

A week of joy;
a week of mourning;
a week of laughter,
and a week of tears.
So much of it all just weird.
(The Supreme Court of the United States)
three rulings;
three wins,
three losses.
Housing in Texas.
Healthcare subsidies.
Marriage equality.
And America seems to have gone nuts.
Who’s right?
Who’s wrong?
Who wins?
Who loses?
Where the heck is Jesus in all of this,
and what should we as Christians do,
what should we support?
What does it mean to be righteous,
I saw a post that proclaimed
that homosexuality was still
a sin, but that we should still love the sinner.
I have heard people say these kinds of things
who are divorced
and have boy friends/girl friends,
wear blended materials,
do not eat kosher,
mix meat and milk and the same meals,
eat shellfish,
eat pork,
all of which are mentioned in the same
Leviticus text
as sins,
many of which are punishable by death.
It seems we Christians only
find sins in those things
that we are not interested in
and ignore as sins
what would make our lives
inconvenient, uncomfortable,
or change our lifestyles.
I’m saying,
if you are going to be literal,
about one thing
be literal about them all!
About the rulings on
Texas housing and healthcare:
while we are supposed to take care of ourselves—
love our neighbor as ourselves, and all that—
we are to care for those who have less than we do.
In the three parables in Matthew 25
it is clear that to live in the kingdom of heaven
we are to be ready,
we are to take risks with our resources,
and we are,
expected use those resources
to care for those who are in need of help.
In Matthew 5
Jesus explains how we are
explicitly expected to live and act.
We Christians do our best to live
by these guidelines laid out for us by Jesus,
and we assume that because they are in the Bible
that they are absolute Truth
and represent the inerrant expectations of God.
But is that a correct assumption?
No, it is not.
The Bible is called the word of God,
but in actuality,
it is comprised of the words of people
who are doing their best to relate
their experience of God
as best they can communicate.
Mingled in with all this are
very human emotions,
very human fears,
very human ungodly actions
and rules and judgements and failings
all passed off as God’s word.
In other words,
the composers of the Bible
are no different from us
in that their comfort
and convenience
and economic interests
are purported to be God’s word.
And don’t we tend to vote out of our comfort zones
rather than out of Matthew 5 and 25?
About the marriage equality ruling,
at issue is the notion of homosexuality
and sin and the Bible’s
supposed condemnation of it.
As Cherie puts it,
here is where we get to choose
between being a
Jeremiahist, a Leviticusist, a Paulist, or a Christian.
Contemporary historical research
and text-critical techniques
have shown that
The “Sin of Sodom,”
Genesis 19:1-11,
was actually about inhospitality;
the “Abomination of Leviticus,”
Leviticus 18: 22 and 20:13,
amounts to ideas about uncleanness;
and are part of Hebrew “purity codes,”
no more no less.
The Christian Scriptures contain
elements of these Hebrew purity codes
that seem to conflict with the
of Jesus, but do not, really.
Upon closely reading Paul’s writing,
instead of condemning same-sex acts,
Paul is more concerned with the nature of relationships
and whether or not they are abusive.
It boils down to this:
do we read and interpret scripture
to support our preconceptions and comfort zones,
or do we use scripture
to discover how best to
love God and follow Jesus.
Uncomfortable as it sometimes is,
and because the time has come for love,
I choose to act according to
the teachings and expectations of Jesus.


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