Sharing the Joy

Sharing the Joy

2 Samuel 6:1-19
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

I have a friend
who subscribes to an inspirational page
that offers really good insights
into the living of our lives.
The author posts pairings of
photographs and short affirmations
that are motivational and very good.
One posted recently writes of
pursuing our passion and purpose
and how our purpose is to bring more
love and hope and compassion and light
into ourselves
and the world.
I believe this.
I know this to be true.
I count on this.
But the question
generally posed to me
by those suffering
from various stages of depression
always seems to be,
how do we find
love, hope, compassion, and light?
How can we possibly
dance like David when our leaden feet
are so burdened all we can do
is drag them, and
when our lives are permeated
by such a heavy darkness that
love, hope, compassion, and light
seem fictions,
past memories —
dirty tricks played on us
by purveyors of false hopes and cheap tricks?
It is not easy,
The first question I ask one who is depressed
is whether or not
they have a dependency on alcohol or drugs.
The next question I ask
is whether or not they have seen
their physician to find out
if this is a physical issue
or a mental condition such as bipolar I or II.
Those are two places to begin,
and they are about self-care,
and hope begins
— always —
with self-care.
But for the person
who is not dealing with medical or mental issues,
the place to begin is with a choice.
Choose to believe,
in spite of what you think,
in the absolute value of your life and your choices.
Choose to not believe the disbelievers,
the nay sayers,
the buzz killers
who may be stalking
the beauty of your life
with vicious intent
under the guise of
“well intentioned helpfulness”
— those who themselves
are frozen in place
by their own set of buzz killers
and need the comfort of your misery.
Most importantly is to choose to believe
and acknowledge
what I term,
your “heart’s desire.”
This is not simply a want.
Nor is it simply a need
It most certainly
is not someone else’s idea.
But it is that
breath-catchingly fragile
hidden deep in your heart of hearts.
And you do know of it,
and that it secretly
prays to be born
and nurtured
into the light.
Its acknowledgment and release
bloom joy and light!
It explodes into hope!
It arrives in glory!
But it begins
with our choice
to allow its existence.
was a powerfully rich priest/king
with armies
and entitlement
the like of which we will never experience,
yet his joy is nothing
to our own joy
when our own heart’s desire is birthed.
Choose joy,
then share!


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