From Whence You Came

From Whence You Came

Ephesians 2:11-22
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

So let’s start here:
Our lives are special,
and yes,
we are blest.
We live in a place that is an end
destination for vacations,
We live in a nation
where our entitlement is so great
that, for the most part,
we do not even recognize it as such.
We have cars,
many of which are more than simple transportation.
We live in homes and properties
many who are not
living in this super-saturated community of wealth
would consider estates,
mansions or castles—some are.
We shop for groceries and clothing and sports products
in stores giving us more
than one choice of product.
AND yet
not one of us thinks of ourselves
as wealthy beyond all imagination
and haven’t in the past week
at least considered the notion
that we were a little short of cash,
or that we might even be just a little broke.
For the most part
there is a slow fog rising in our memories
between our immigrant-heritages
and our present
that enables us
to only see what we are now
and to judge our own circumstances
by our
current life-style
or the life-styles of those around us.
We consider our inconvenience
and think of it as poverty.
We look in the mirror
of what we don’t have
and see destitution.
Yet, in the eyes of our poorer,
less blest neighbors,
we are rich.
Our homes are not made of cardboard.
Our children have shoes.
They do not go to bed hungry.
We do not go to bed hungry.
We can play
and take vacations
and relax and
not feel as if we are cheating our families
of their necessities when we do so.
And yet many in our great nation
forget all this,
and suffer from a delusion,
an illusion that
greed equals need,
and act as if
they are too poor
to share their wealth.
Many of the most wealthy
want more
at the cost of the poor.
But Paul tells us to remember who,
how we are,
and where we came from.
Do not forget that we did not give
any of this to ourselves.
Do not forget that what we have
is a combination of
luck, grace, place and gift,
and as such, is not really ours
to have and stockpile,
but ours with which to
build the kingdom.
building the kingdom is a time for love,
and bringing in not keeping out,
sharing, not hoarding,
inviting outsiders to become insiders
as we once were.
Tear down the walls of fear,
the time has come for love.


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