Psalm 84
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved



What is it,
where is it,
how is it
that we receive our heart’s desire
and experience true joy?
I just got back from spending
five days on small trout streams,
and I experienced much joy
as I spent day after day in the
beauty of creation and
breathed rarified, sage-scented air.
But the joy of my heart’s desire?
Not hardly…
I have come to realize about myself
that my true joy comes when
people respond to me,
are changed by my ministry,
find hope from my speaking,
and that my life becomes
more complete,
more essential,
as my words,
and thoughts,
a gesture
offer someone a way to respond
to their own humanity,
their own heart’s desire
and grow into the joy
waiting for them to claim.
What is the desire of your heart?
What brings you the deepest joy?
Are you surprised by it?
Is it something only for you,
or is it something shared by others?
If the time has come for love,
how does your joy,
your heart’s desire bring it to be?


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