Training Your Ear To Love

On Listening Alternatively

On Listening Alternatively

James 1:17-27
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

I will try to be the love
that others need
and the hope
that others seek.
I will attempt to be the ear
that listens for the need.
Knowing it will neither be spoken,
nor be seen.
This need will not be noticed,
by one who is prepared to hear.
I would be the ear
to that which is unspoken,
which is shouted so loudly
by actions,
loud proclamations—
my ears burning from shame,
ego stumbling,
my pride tripping
on the inappropriateness
of the plea.
I would like to try and hear.
I keep waiting
for God to speak.
I keep waiting
to be noticed by God.
I keep waiting.
I keep waiting
to be needed.
listening loudly,
for the divine word
that I may never hear,
because it appears
to come from those needier than I,
and in inconvenient
and troublesome ways.
For it seems
the very people whose needs
cry loudest for help,
use the exact words
that push my buttons,
shut my ears,
and harden my heart.
Help me to listen
beyond my own needs,
help me to listen.
I would be love…


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