Mark 7:27-29
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Jesus, huh???

Jesus, huh???

The question is easier to ask
than to answer.
I know there are
some who read this blog who
do not believe
in Jesus,
and for you
there may indeed
be no recognizable Jesus
for you,
but also
it might just be that in
spite of your disbelief,
you, yes you,
might become Jesus
for someone else,
and if we know each other
you may have for me
at sometime
and you will never know.
The difficulty with the question
is to answer it
for yourself
and not
what you were taught
in Sunday School
or what you think is the
correct answer.
I suggest
there is neither a wrong answer
nor is there a correct answer,
and that there are as many
honest answers
as there are people to answer.
to answer my own question,
who is Jesus to me?
Jesus is one of those
people who teaches me best
about the nature of God.
There are others,
but it is Jesus who shows me
how to love fully, openly, truthfully,
and courageously.
Jesus had a vision
of God that was full of love
and untainted by
prejudice, fear, or agenda.
Jesus found ways to heal.
He found ways to change lives.
He followed a path of love
and showed us how to do the same.
Jesus proved to any
who would be changed
that we are
all daughters and sons
of the one
living God of all love.
Jesus believed this so much
that he was willing to die
so we could
come to understand
this as absolute truth.
Jesus, to me, then,
is the bringer and giver of the
that is the love of God.
And I meet him
at odd times.
And I meet him
in odd places.
there are people
who are as real
and the most real reality
I have experienced.
I have met Jesus
in a backyard dumpster.
I have met Jesus
in the heart of a homeless vet.
I have given my heart to
the Jesus
who offers to trade her life
to save the lives of
I have wept next to
as she cried for the lost of her lover.
I have wandered in a wilderness-like
of crushed dreams
with Jesus,
emotionally lost and afraid
and deserted by the nation
that promised hope and succor.
And my soul has been saved by Jesus
as he and she sat before me
in my little congregation
in Geyserville, CA,
and worshiped
and praised
the God of all…
Who is Jesus to you?


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