I Can't Hear You!!!

I Can’t Hear You!!!

1 Samuel 3:10
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

The time has come for love,
and love listens,
but I think I can safely state that most of us
have been accused of not listening.
we just tune out whomever is speaking.
we actually try to listen but we don’t want to hear,
so nothing gets through to us.
Listening and hearing.
Hearing and listening.
In the world in which we live
we are surrounded by noise:
freeways, planes,
people talking, yelling—
noise we learn to shut out,
So what/whom is it that we would actually hear
should some sound, voice,
rise up out of the din
and grab our attention?
What leads you/me/us to hear the voice of God?
Is it aural alone, or could it be
or taste?
And of course hearing as used here
is a metaphor for
focusing on.
Let’s change the question a bit from what do we hear to
how do we perceive
the presence of the Divine?
In what ways are we aware of Holy Presence?
I find more and more that the being I understand as God
is most present to me in
the most unexpected ways.
In communal gatherings,
and when I share in the
process of companioning another—
but then the Divine pops up inconveniently
when I am angry,
or in someone I have tried to write off
as not worth my effort.
Yet there are profound moments
when pure grace
bursts forth
from rocks,
or the dirt in which I am digging,
and I know there is more here
than a shovel-ful of soil.
One time it was a mountain:
it is me, Lord!
Then a young girl I would love for a lifetime:
Here I am, Lord!
A kitten:
awareness of presence!
The eyes in the mirror:
is it you, Lord?
Can it really be?
So many paths to
perceiving the Holy.
So many ways to
hear the Divine.
Where does the Sacred Presence
burst forth for you?
how does your heart,
how does love,
respond to this encounter?


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