Seeing Within

Seeing Within

Mark 10:46-52
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved
I have spent most of my life trying to see better.
I don’t mean simply looking at what’s around me.
I mean seeing using my eyes and other senses
to discover what is under the surface
of what I am looking at.
An object’s whys and wherefores,
its reasons, its place within its place,
its sub-surface and unseen layers and textures,
and then what it actually means for me to see it,
and what it means for it to be seen.
I do not just want to see better, I need to see better.
I have a compulsion to really understand.
I like sound and rhythm
but it is the visual that makes meaning for me.
Never quite sure what and how I wanted to see
I read and studied spirituality and theology,
took psychology and philosophy
and geology and art — trying to learn to see better,
and learning that true sight is to see the hearts of people.
There is a gift for seeing people as they really are.
And that is a gift that we can also give people—
the gift of really seeing them.
How do you see? What is your vision like?
I believe that if we can learn to really see people
as they were created to be,
then we are seeing them through the eyes of Jesus.
We see them for their true humanity, and
you do know that it is in our true humanity
that we are most like God?
Sometimes we are blind to it all, and we cannot see.
Sometimes we are afraid and just do not want to see.
Can we walk with the blind Bartimaeus for a moment and pray,
“My teacher, let me see again.”
Let me see…


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