Seeing in the Dark

Seeing in the Dark

Matthew 4:12-17
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Sitting waiting for the sun to come up.
Cold to the bone,
lonely in the soul,
forsaken by even bird song,
I have waited
for the salvation of the morning’s light.
Desert prophets of old knew
of this waiting—
knew of moon and sun metaphors
and how spot on they were
for explaining the truth
of the God-stuff,
they so needed to explain.
Prophesies are hopes
in the darkness of heart,
and birthed
to the brightness of promise.
We who have never lived without light,
or without even the glow
of a far off village in our horizon
know nothing of living
in a civilization
where moonlight and starlight
are all that illuminates the night.
We might experience this
once or so by choice,
but usually we are cushioned from
the relentlessness of uninterrupted dark.
A dark impervious to your needs.
Try hiking with no light on a cloudy, starless, night.
Think about what the noises might be
that are unidentifiable
in the pitch blackness of the night.
Try this and you will begin to apprehend
the power of these prophetic metaphors.
My daughter, Shannon, and I were
camping at 9,000 feet
in the Sierra Nevada.
No light,
no stars,
just the pure black
of a nighttime cloudy sky
when an animal walked
through our camp
aluminum cook-ware
across granitic rock.
no flashlight,
nothing to use for seeing
we stared into
blackness, and
hearts pounding,
wondered about
a question for which we
would never have an answer.
The promise of Jesus,
the promise of salvation—
it is the promise of light,
an offering of hope to
people who
have lost their way in their night,
and having no night vision
are deeply afraid.
In both actuality
and in metaphor,
people find hope
in this promise of light.
The time has
come for Hope,
the time has come for Peace.
The time has come for love.

The song, The Time Has Come For Love in sung every Sunday in the Geyserville Christian Church


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