Matthew 13:31-32
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

The Hope of the Seed

The Hope of the Seed

A seed is put
into the ground to grow.
So much about
is portrayed as
something bad to be feared.
This seed is planted
to grow.
In deep darkness it develops.
It is a promise.
It is a pledge.
There is a 4-way covenant between
the seed and the farmer,
the soil and the planet,
that in that dark,
in that soil,
in that place of no light,
there will be a future
when light will be seen.
And we are seeds.
And we are planted.
And in our hearts
there is a seed.
And our hearts
are fertile ground
where the seed
of our hope grows.
There will be light.
We will be saved from our fear—
like the seed,
will grow.
We will crack
the surface of our darkness,
push through
the binding of our fear,
and we will rise up,
into the heat of
a brilliant day
and we will perceive,
and we will have grown tall,
and we will be strong.
And we know this
because we have dreamed this,
and dreams carry more truth
than the fiction of reality,
and we have dreamed love
and it has expanded our hearts,
burst through the crust
of our lives
and our dreams have known
the heat of a new day
and the hope of a
And the promise of a

AND the time HAS come for love!


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