Luke 3;15-22
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Out of the Mud

Out of the Mud

In her sermon,
‘’Sacramental Mud,’‘
Barbara Brown Taylor writes
of the Sacredness of Mud,
and tells how
when Jesus was baptized
he sank into the waters of the Jordan,
a very muddy river,
and then came out of that muddy water
to be affirmed by God.
I’ve heard it said that
when you sling mud
you just get yourself dirty.
But here, as with most of what Jesus
tried to teach us,
it never quite goes
like the old
the common knowledge
we seem to live by.
the mud cleanses
and makes us holy.
This reading is more about affirmation
than it is about doctrine.
It is more about recognition
of holiness
in the messiness of our common,
everyday lives,
than about staying clean.
It is about seeing ourselves
for what we are
and seeing
the affirmation of God
in our messy,
muddy lives.

The Time Has Come For Love—


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