Isaiah 62:1-5
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Not Zipped

Not Zipped

Love is something
we just cannot keep quiet.
Cannot hide.
In this reading,
it is God who can’t keep quiet.
But what about us when we
are confounded
with this amazing,
never giving up
or letting go
If God cannot keep
God’s lips zipped,
how can we?
I can generally tell when someone
is freshly in love:
they are glowing and bubbling with joy.
And so it is
with the love of God:
truly encountered and believed
we cannot keep it quiet,
we cannot hide it,
it is no longer secret.
That love becomes smeared on our faces
like ice cream from a melting cone,
written with our body language
in-tell tale streaks like dribbling soup,
messy and gooey and
becoming part of our lives,
our way of speaking,
in loudly revealing ways.
God’s love becomes
how we sing,
how we think,
how we move through space.
And haven’t you felt this way?
You know what I mean
about this love,
this encounter
with the God of our hearts.
That feeling you cannot quite describe
because it is so profound,
so big,
so overwhelming
our knowledge of the word,
the unspeakable,
becomes complete.
AND yet,
and yet,
we still cannot hold it in.
No zipped lips here…


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