Psalm 19:1-5
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Just Praise

Just Praise

Bear with me here.
I’m doing the praise
thing again.
Don’t be bored
if I keep coming back to it.
It is a large part of the
Christian Tradition.
I know
that there are evils in the world.
I know
that pain and suffering
and loss and grief
are integral parts
of our everyday lives.
I know.
I also know
that the Great Commission
given the church by Jesus
is to minister
and to bring
others into the Christian Community.
I know.
But who the heck
wants to be
a part of a community
of mopers,
of gloomy Sad Sacks,
of whiners?
I ask, who?
Here’s my suggestion,
get over the
notion of how
important and vital and essential
the burden of our work is,
and the depth of the spooge
you have to wade through
on a daily basis,
lighten up and find cracks
in the muck
where glory
shines through.
It’s there.
Glorious, glorious, glory.
It does take work
in the midst of all our life-stuff,
but it is findable.
AND you can do it.
All it takes is the will
to step beyond the beleaguerment.
All it takes is to keep an eye
out for some hint of a sparkle
in the spooge
that is rising over our waders.
It is like the flower
you look for in the wild lands
and never see,
but once you do see it,
it will be everywhere.


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