Luke 9:28-36
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Stopping, Waiting, Listening, Hearing

Stopping, Waiting, Listening, Hearing

Choose me, coach!
Choose me!!!
Isn’t that the prayer of our lives?
Recognize me…
Notice me.
you will more than likely deny this.
You will say
that you don’t want
to be noticed for what you do,
but, let’s be honest, here.
Don’t you get just
a little warm and fuzzy feeling
when someone gives you credit,
thanks you,
some good thing you did?
let’s say you do something for someone—
many times—
and not one time
do you get
a simple thank you
for any of them.
How long
are you likely
to go on doing those favors?
Choose me, coach!
Choose me!!!
Recognize me…
Notice me.
let’s be honest,
we may not think
we are working for the accolades,
but they sure are nice
and they sure do keep us going.
Applause is one thing,
The bright spot light,
standing in the limelight,
those are nice,
but it is the verbal recognition,
that personal touch,
that is so meaningful to us.
Have you ever had
a sense of God’s approval?
Not mine,
not someone else’s but God’s?
We correctly think
that for our own spiritual/mental well being
we need to give God praise.
Have you ever considered reciprocation?
How would it,
has it,
can it,
will it
happen, for you?
Notice that in this text
it happened for Jesus right after he prayed.
Could it be that in the listening,
which is always an integral part of our prayer,
that God has a chance to be heard,
“This is my child, my chosen one…”
Listen for it.


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