Psalm 27
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

A Shelter

A Shelter

We pray for God to rescue us.
We ask God to be with us.
We hope and trust
and watch and wait
and wish and want
and despair.
So many times God
is so present to us that we
lose our awareness of Presence.
So many times we
turn away from the very things
we so desperately need
because they do not fit our small,
of how God works and what God does.
The urgency of our pain
is more substantial
to us
than the authenticity
of God’s healing grace.
I suspect because
our restricted ability to imagine
our constricted ability for creative wonder
our ability
to conceive God’s work within us.
Just as Jesus’
telling of how it was
in the Kingdom of Heaven
never turned out to be how
that appearance
was conceived by his hearers,
God’s deliverance
and liberation
and healing
and comfort
never quite play out
as we predict,
will them to be.
St. Paul calls it
“looking through a glass, darkly.”
I term it,
“a distortion of perspective through our
concretizing of misplaced notions
of God’s reality.”
I think many times we are waiting
for some great occurrence to be manifest,
when in actuality what God offers us is
and human nurture.
Most times we are too afraid to
allow another person
into our souls
and into that deep place of our wounds
and we are seeking
for that outside-the-human
magic touch—
where God hardly ever works.
And yet,
many times,
God puts the path to our healing
where we most fear:
in the touch, words, actions of another…


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