Sharing Food as Sacrament

Sharing Food as Sacrament

Isaiah 55:1-5
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

This Isaiah text is but one of many
that were foundational for the
message Jesus proclaimed.
We seem to live
in a nation that works hard
at indoctrinating
us to believe that socialism
is a bad thing
and equates it with
“Godless” communism
and hates any suggestion
that we might use our taxes
to help someone else.
We also seem to have morphed
our Christian ideals
until they
are so skewed
by the atheistic notions
of individualism,
bootstrap success and
free market economics
that Christianity,
as it is presented,
has lost any suggestion
of the foundations
of Jesus’ own belief
and the message
he died proclaiming.
Isaiah says:
Come and get it.
Come and take it.
It is free.
Salvation takes on many different
aspects for many different people.
however does not ONLY mean,
if it does at all,
from a fiery hell,
an angry God,
or death itself.
Salvation means whatever
need it to mean.
from hunger,
from no access to medical care,
from addiction,
from sin, sure,
but also
from obscene political systems,
and their many causes:
these are but some
of the many things held
in the notion of salvation.
as presented by God through Jesus
is at its least,
and at its best is a
God inspired communism.
Lent reminds us
that the unconditional love Jesus offered
was not all warm and fuzzy
or an emotionally sentimentalized gift.
It was the
that the other,
whomever they may be,
is worth the price
of some of our own comfort
to care for their needs.
How do we fare
when we are scrutinized
by the living reality
of Jesus’ proclamations?


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