John 20:1-18
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

We All Must Rise

We All Must Rise

must push up from the soil and bloom!
Summer Solstice
must follow the Spring Equinox!
The moon
must rise and set!
The sun
must set and rise!
Jesus must rise,
and so must we…!
There are
cycles that cannot be unbroken.
There are
rhythms that will play out.
There are
metaphors, equations, syllogisms
that always seem to work—
if cross, then tomb;
if tomb’s slab, then table;
if body broken, then bread on table;
if yeast, then bread rises;
if life poured out, then cup is filled up;
if tomb then, resurrection;
if shame, then glory;
if Jesus lives, then so do we.
Magma forms mountains,
planting brings harvest,
in our hopes,
by our grief,
through our fear,
in spite of our disbelief,
we step off our own crosses,
strip off the wrappings of death,
walk out of our own tombs,
because faith requires faith not proof,
we can believe we, too,
will rise with the glory of the risen Christ.
regardless of our lack of understanding,
or faith, or possession of quantifiable scientific evidence,
that is how the God of all that is
does things—
I suppose,
when you’re the God of all love,
love always wins.


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