Acts 5:27-32
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Along the Waters of Baptism

Along the Waters of Baptism

I had a teacher in High School
who challenged me with choices.
He said,
you just cannot rebel
against everything.
Pick your conformities
and then find
the one thing you see
as worth the fight and
choose that one to rebel against.”
It made sense to me then.
It makes sense to me now.
I choose to rebel against the voices both
outside and
inside my head
that tell me that
I can’t:
can’t take a risk,
can’t be a
bar-playing pastor
who has an in-your-face attitude of pure boogie-woogie
and an in-your-heart attitude of love and healing,
with a heaping dash
of gospel love that serves both up
on a big platter of grace
for the church and the bars.
Crazy and fearless?
More like it’s the groove
I got stuck in and
I am in no way complaining.
Today a baptism.
And you know about baptism—
it is taking a crazy and fearless stand
before the high councils,
the judges,
of our lives
and proclaiming our faith,
our claims on God,
our understanding that\
how we have chosen to live our lives
and God’s expectations of creation,
through the person and actions of Jesus,
We take this stand.
We take this stand before God,
and before those who would put
their limiting and small
on a God
who will love regardless of who gets grumpy.
This is Sacred Ground!
This is where we stand.
Here we perdure,
and yes,
we are crazy,
but by God’s grace
we are fearless.


1 thought on “CRAZY AND FEARLESS

  1. Greetings Rev. Prof. cowboy and comrade;

    Although sometimes it’s frightening to risk being crazy and fearless, it’s also a blessing. One that requires you to put yourself out there. You sure do. Thanks for the reminder that discipleship often means looking into the shadows and sometimes going against the flow. While keeping in mind that Light is also reflected in the strangest of places. Like each one of us.

    I haven’t checked in for awhile; difficult circumstances like lack of on-line access and extreme poverty. I’m still in Berkeley, but occasionally long for WA forests. Still doing my own research and writing. A major score: Dr. Jeff Kripal at Rice is corresponding with me. A professor of comparative religion, he’s also interested in majorly weird things, odd abilities, etc. And is one of the newer lights at Esalen.

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