John 21:1-14
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Let's Go Fishing

Let’s Go Fishing

Some days we catch ‘em
some days we don’t
but no day on the water
can be actually
called a bad day.
No day is a bad day fishing
unless of course
you happen to do it for a living.
Jesus knows his people
even if Jesus’s people
do not know him.
Hey, let’s go fishing!
You get the beer,
you bring the snacks,
I got the boat and gear.
How about a big fry afterwards?
Oh yeah, baby,
we are fearless fishers
and the fish fear us.
We gonna tear it up!
So later on the beer’s gone.
The snacks are gone.
The brag-talk is gone.
All the enthusiasm’s gone.
And then
some idiot on the shore
has the
to ask if we are catching fish!
I mean what’s up with that?
And then
he tries to tell us how to fish,
but we humor him,
and guess what?
We almost sink the boat with fish
and then we recognize
that the guy is Jesus.
I mean,
Hallelujah and WOW,
where’d he come from!
How is it with us
in our own time?
How many odd,
smart aleck strangers
do we write off
who are actually the one
for whom we seek?
It’s a little embarrassing
when you come to think of it.
Strangers cloaked in holiness.
Outsiders holding the keys
to everything within
those whom we define as
offering that for which we dream,
sent packing
they do not fit our concept of


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