Psalm 22:19-28
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

That Long Reach Across Time and Space

That Long Reach Across Time and Space

OK, you’ve got an issue,
a problem,
and it’s huge…
You pray.
You ask God for help.
You cry.
You hope against hope,
and you pray,
Pretty good so far.
But what if God actually shows up
and answers your prayer—
I mean,
really shows up?
What then?
Mind-blowing terror?
What if God has already shown up
you didn’t recognize God
as God,
because instead of the otherness and terror,
there was familiarity and sameness?
OK, what then?
I can hear someone
stating that God is not some
big Sugar-Daddy in the sky
and does not run around
doing magic tricks
for us at our
beck and call.
But, while I believe,
you can believe anything
you want,
so can I,
and I believe
God gets involved in our
lives in ways we can’t grasp.
I actually don’t know enough about God
to state that God is or is not,
or will or will not,
or does or does not,
however, neither does anyone else.
That leaves the door
wide open for faith and trust
and belief.
AND I do believe…
But really,
and back to the original question,
what if God companions us so well
that we don’t realize it is happening?
And then,
there’s always the question,
How do we know,
how can we tell,
when it is really God
and not some joker
we’ve been trying to avoid,
or at the least,
have tolerated
for most of our lives?
I suppose
there is no true way to do that.
I think we’d be best served
by considering
in our lives
to be some sort of divinity
and some kind of answer
to some prayer,
at some time,
and respect
and nurture
all of our relationships
in ways that might
allow God to act.

And, as always, the time has come for love…


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