The Mantle Waiting

The Mantle Waiting

2 Kings 2:1-14
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Out for a walk with a prophet.
Taking a stroll
with a person of God.
Slouching through the desert,
town to town,
oasis to oasis,
river to river.
One younger and inexperienced—
The other the embodiment of wisdom
and righteous power,
a legitimate voice of God,
and recognized
by the Guild of Prophets.
if he could have,
“Your life repeated in my life.
I want to be a holy man just like you,”
and with fifty members
from the Guild of Prophets observing,
Elisha picks up the cloak and the rest is history—
signed, sealed, and delivered.
The question for us is
do we have spiritual leaders that we
want to emulate with our lives?
Do we have any leaders?
Who do we know
that we would want
repeated in our lives?
Be careful.
Think smart.
For the person we might want to emulate
got that way through a process.
Are you hoping
to get to that person’s place
the cheap way,
or are you willing
to walk the same walk?
In the end
you will still be you
and nothing will change.
In the end
you will never be you again,
and everything will change.
The question is really,
are you willing to pick up the cloak?
Are you willing
to really become…?

The Time Has Come for Love — truly!!!


1 thought on “JUST LIKE YOU

  1. This is a beautiful display of one saying that he was desiring of never wanting to let go of the relationship,
    He had with Elijah. So I guess in your end statement of the story is based on love. Holy love how young man seeing God displayed in his protégé /mentor and desiring the same for himself.

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