Luke 11:1-13
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

A Sewn Prayer

A Sewn Prayer (quilted piece by Cherie Marckx)

How do we pray?
Better Question,
What is prayer?
We generally think of praying as
a communication,
a heartfelt
request to a higher authority,
in its extreme, begging.
Jesus taught a prayer-form,
or a model for praying.
But he was teaching novices.
We have been around prayer
and pray-ers enough
to have a grasp
on having a conversation with God.
But there is prayer
and then there is prayer.
Sometimes prayer is asking God for
a need to be met,
a person to be cared for,
the fruition of a dream—
things like that.
Sometimes prayer is pure
and getting things done for others.
Showing up to help.
Giving aid to those in need,
walking through the dark
to bring light to the hopeless—
making things happen.
But there is another kind of prayer that
our sense of self,
and it takes on two basic shapes.
First it is like breath itself
and is inhaled and exhaled
and suffuses
with the beats of our hearts
and mingles
with our cells.
The Second is similar to the first,
but takes on the form of our
very being
—the Self of ourselves—
and becomes,
in its very nature,
a persona of the Sacred Presence.
Desire for the Sacred
and fulfillment
become one,
and we become
one as well.
Walking in beauty.
Living in grace.
Drinking in wonder.
Eating in cosmic splendor.
Sharing our breath with holiness.
Being true
and profoundly real
and living authentically as the being
that was created to be ourselves
is to be
in conversation with the Divine Presence.
It is to be
the prayer itself.
Being the prayer
is not about feelings,
it’s about being
our authentic selves
the best we can be—
bring the
lumps, bumps,
fear, courage,
exuberance, fatigue,
joy, grief
into the present
and being that
We may grow.
We may change.
We certainly will age.
But we are always
just what we are at any given
It is in that moment,
every moment
that we are one with
and we don’t have to do
anything special
to become
the prayer,
except to
just allow ourselves
to be…


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