Then #4

Luke 12:13-21
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

There are more things in life
than hay in the barn.
At least,
there are more things after life
than wealth in the here and now.
And we all know this:
that loving and
being loved
is of more value than
large accumulations of swag.
Sure money and what it can buy
makes living easier,
if it is at the expense of relationships
and spiritual well being,
the money
becomes worthless.
This reading asks this question:
What have you saved up
that is of value
if your life ended
It is not a question I especially like,
but it is a question that
demands to be answered.
It also brings up another question,
What does it mean to have eternal life?
I believe that our
relationships are all we have
that will follow us after death—
all our relationships.
And what state are those in,
how do we feel about those
as an
after-life experience?
Then there is the idea of eternal life,
and what we do about it.
I do not think we can
do anything about eternal life.
But I think we are
commissioned to live this life,
this now,
each moment,
as if it is all we have—
nurturing our relationships and spirituality,
building an
estate of
love and hope and goodness and joy that
our heirs will inherit
and pass on
generation to generation.


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