Hebrews 11:29-12:2
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

The Present Reflected in the Past of an Ancient Sea Bed: The Promise that We Will Continue...

The Present Reflected in the Past of an Ancient Sea Bed: The Promise that We Will Continue…

Let’s talk about faith:
standing against overwhelming odds;
what it really means to win;
what success really looks like.
Faith in God is
like having faith in the unknown,
against slim odds
and holding strong to the
hope of a bright future
no matter
how bleak things appear in the present.
But it is
also like having faith
in one’s own self.
that we are sufficient to the need.
our past to affirm us
rather than judge us,
and discovering
success over the years
rather than failure,
and that because
we are still here,
we have more than survived,
we have thrived
in the face of past adversity
and because
of that we
will continue to thrive in the present.
Our understanding that God
is the ground of our being,
our sea anchor,
the unseen strength of our lives,
and the
forward motion of the eternity
we call, now,
is the key to our faith
and our strength.
Faith is about
remembering we are still here,
remembering we,
with the help of God,
have the resources we need
to continue.
The Hebrews text
makes clear that those
who struggled
and battled
forces larger than they could imagine,
still won —
they still survived
in the hearts and memory
of those for whom they had struggled.
But for us,
who deal day to day,
sometimes second to second,
against issues and demons
bigger and stronger than us,
we who dwell
in the heart of the struggle,
can be emboldened
by remembering that we are still here.
So many seem afraid
of looking in a mirror,
of seeing themselves,
yet that reflection
is a daily reminder—
you are still here —
And you will continue to be…

Sufficient to the struggle!!!


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