Written Beyond Understanding

Written Beyond Understanding

Psalm 103:1-8 (Common Jewish Bible)
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved


All of the big words used here:
FORGIVES offense —
HEALS disease —
REDEEMS our lives —
SURROUNDS with grace and compassion —
CONTENTS us with good —
RENEWS our youth —
brings VINDICATION and JUSTICE to the oppressed —
rich in GRACE —
That about covers it for a description
of God
and what our faith
claims God can do for us.
I like the Complete Jewish Bible
for the simple reason
that it takes me to,
shows me,
gives me a sense
of my Christian roots.
This is the mind-set
Jesus had.
These are the precepts
on which Jesus was raised,
his training,
if you will,
Jesus’ theological heritage.
This is the offering
Jesus brought to the table–
our table.
When Jesus preached
this was his message.
this is the message
his people’s religious leaders
had shrugged off.
Many of ours as well.
Over and over again
prophets would call out to
bring the Hebrew community
back to the heart of their Jewish faith
and time and again
those prophets would be killed for trying.
This message
is the centerpiece of our Communion Table
It is not necessarily
what and who we are,
but it is what we are called to be,
and that for which we strive…


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