John 5:1-9
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

We All Want the Healing

We All Want the Healing

We all want the healing.
Some of us are proactive
and do what it takes to get it.
Some of us dream about it.
Many of us lounge around
but never quite do anything about it.
We want magic.
We dream of miracles.
We hope for some outside force.
We convince ourselves
it probably isn’t for us after all,
because we either
just don’t want to do the work,
or we can’t actually believe it could happen.
Many of us claim to believe
when we actually don’t.
I’ve heard it said,
“Don’t pray for what you are
unwilling to do the work
to make happen.”
There are many who would
quit praying
if they thought it meant
that they had to get involved—
dirty their hands.
How about you?
Is there something that inhibits healing for you?
What then will you do about it?


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