Psalm 46
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

To Believe

To Believe

You read the title and you think,
“What does he mean?
I believe!
I have faith!
Hey, I’m in church today,
and if I wasn’t a Christian
I’d be somewhere else!”
Calling oneself a Christian and being in church
is not the kind of faith
of which I am writing.
There is the kind of faith
that speaks for the spiritual path you follow—
Buddhist, Judaism, Hindi, Islam, Christian, Atheist.
That’s your faith system.
Your faith-language, so to speak.
The kind of faith of which I am writing
is about our stance as Christians
before the exigencies
of our lives
and before God.
I assume we,
here in this congregation,
because we have chosen to
follow the Way of Jesus,
are Christians.
This kind of faith is
more akin to having
trust, certitude, assuredness, expectation, anticipation
of God’s help
in our tough situations.
This faith is us standing
“fearless at the cliff-edge of doom,”
awaiting God’s saving actions
in our times of
extreme, and
not-so-extreme troubles.
So when I title this,
“The Nature of Our Disbelief,”
I assume
that most of us,
to some degree or another,
pull back from this kind of faith.
We can measure
the nature of our disbelief by
the level of fear we
feel when things are going bad for us.
In the early 1970s
I sat on the edge of a 1,000 foot cliff
with my legs dangling over the edge.
I heard a strange sound
and looked around,
then down
to see an airplane flying below me.
The pilot waved up at me,
and I pulled back my legs
and scooched back
to a safer place to sit.
I could have believed in,
had faith in,
the rock of the cliff,
but I didn’t,
and that was the nature of my disbelief.
What’s yours?


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