Let's Have the Party at Your House

Let’s Have the Party at Your House

Luke 19:1-10
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

The story of Zacchaeus
always stuns me a little.
There is no denying it,
God’s ways
are not like my ways.
I’m glad about that,
because it means that
God will accept me as is,
but, WOW,
let’s face it
this story rips
any thinking that
I might have
a right to
right out of
my selfish, judgmental,
little hands.
was what is termed, a
Tax Farmer
This was someone who had been hired
(considered a collaborator)
by the Roman government
to collect taxes,
and Tax Farmers
made a living on what they
charged above what
the Romans expected to collect.
Tax Farmers were Jews
set up to collect from Jews.
They worked in their own communities
and collected from those
whom they knew.
To say that Tax Farmers were not liked
by their neighbors and associates
would be a colossal understatement—
they were loathed and shunned,
considered notoriously evil..
They were a group of Jews
the other Jews
loved to hate!)
But Jesus chooses Zacchaeus’
very own home
to have his
“State Dinner”
with all the local dignitaries.
This story tells us how to act
around those we want to shun—
we publicly affirm them.
We publicly offer
them the exact salvation
we and they both desire.
In the case of Zacchaeus,
as with most,
it was acceptance.
If we think about it
and we can deny it all we want,
our desire for acceptance is,
the very need that keeps us
from accepting those
we deem as unacceptable.


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