Matthew 1:17-23
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

The proof.
The validation.
The reasons for the importance.
This is Matthew’s equivalent of
Matthew is telling us that he has
his facts straight
and knows what he is talking about.
Then he starts talking about
angels of God
and virgins
and almost deserting fathers,
and comes close to losing us
when he drops the real bombshell —
this child is the one
foretold by the ancient prophets,
named Immanuel,
which means,
“God is with us.”
This is Matthew’s way of telling us that
this the child of the promise!
the time of the year when
we can step up to our knees in promises
and wade through the waters of life
to the eternal shores of the sacred!
In the end
which is really
the beginning,
Advent makes it clear
that the best fact checker around
can be found
in the holy desire of our souls…
And you know this;
you should know this:
there is a holy desire
living within our souls that yearns for
the love and hope and joy and peace
of the Divine Being.
AND we can trust
this sacred yearning
to lead us on
the long path
from Advent
through to Easter morning.

© Hilary F. Marckx, BMI, all rights reserved


With All My Heart

With All My Heart

© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved
Luke 1:46-54

Mary said,
“With all my heart I praise the Lord…”
And I wonder
what divine and sacred
birthings I would have
if I did likewise?
I sometimes try and imagine,
mostly in Advent,
when my mind is called to it,
what this world would be like
if we all spent more
time praising
with all our hearts.
I know that you are going
to call me out here and tell me
that I am not being realistic,
that I am being whimsical
with my imaginings
and that I would be better off if I
focused upon the reality
of the world around me.
But I will counter
by shouting out
that this is what Advent
is all about:
the capricious nature of God!
I mean,
we are all forgiven,
How freakishly impulsive is that?
I will be silly
lest I become proud and scattered.
I will eschew power and strength
lest I be overwhelmed by the weak.
I will hold onto my hunger
for I will not miss out
on the delicacies.
I will squander my laughter
in a feckless
attempt to bankrupt
the coffers of God’s
generous humor.


Imagining Wonder

Imagining Wonder

© Rev. Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Advent is a time when we can
almost believe
that our dreams can come true.
There is so much with which
we are dissatisfied,
so many causes for depression,
that Advent
for Christians,
that time of waiting for the birth of this child
catches our imagination,
inspiring us, challenging us,
to visions of hope and peace –
possibilities –
we have either forgotten
or never knew were conceivable.
And we sing and we praise
as if our very lives depend on it,
and they do.
The shoot from the dead stump
is a promise of life again in our tired hearts.
The leopards sleeping with baby goats
sings of a safety for which we pray and hope.
Haven’t we all at some time prayed
for an upside down universe
where we were safe from judgement,
free from labor from which we don’t
truly benefit and prosper,
and where the dreams we had as children
could come to fruition.
Well, welcome to Advent
and the coming of God’s notion of justice
and fairness and equality for all.
Welcome to the Reign of God!

FOR THE JOURNEY — Year A, Advent 1

On The Journey

On The Journey

Romans 13:11-14
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

What will I take with me
on my journey to see the Christ-Child?
A feather, for the time I dreamed I was a bird
and could fly—
A certain small pebble
I was given by a friend who said he loved me
and later proved that he did
by not turning away from me in my need—
A container of water
for the times I will thirst—
A dream,
because that is what the journey
is all about—
A small candle and a lighter
for the times I may become lost and might need
to light my way—
One memory of a time of great delight
to bolster me up
if I should begin to lose heart—
And finally, my heart,
for it is there that my hope lies,
and it is this hope that will,
in the end,
get me to Bethlehem.
These are all needful things
on my journey through Advent.
What are yours?