FOR THE JOURNEY — Year A, Advent 1

On The Journey

On The Journey

Romans 13:11-14
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

What will I take with me
on my journey to see the Christ-Child?
A feather, for the time I dreamed I was a bird
and could fly—
A certain small pebble
I was given by a friend who said he loved me
and later proved that he did
by not turning away from me in my need—
A container of water
for the times I will thirst—
A dream,
because that is what the journey
is all about—
A small candle and a lighter
for the times I may become lost and might need
to light my way—
One memory of a time of great delight
to bolster me up
if I should begin to lose heart—
And finally, my heart,
for it is there that my hope lies,
and it is this hope that will,
in the end,
get me to Bethlehem.
These are all needful things
on my journey through Advent.
What are yours?



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