Imagining Wonder

Imagining Wonder

© Rev. Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Advent is a time when we can
almost believe
that our dreams can come true.
There is so much with which
we are dissatisfied,
so many causes for depression,
that Advent
for Christians,
that time of waiting for the birth of this child
catches our imagination,
inspiring us, challenging us,
to visions of hope and peace –
possibilities –
we have either forgotten
or never knew were conceivable.
And we sing and we praise
as if our very lives depend on it,
and they do.
The shoot from the dead stump
is a promise of life again in our tired hearts.
The leopards sleeping with baby goats
sings of a safety for which we pray and hope.
Haven’t we all at some time prayed
for an upside down universe
where we were safe from judgement,
free from labor from which we don’t
truly benefit and prosper,
and where the dreams we had as children
could come to fruition.
Well, welcome to Advent
and the coming of God’s notion of justice
and fairness and equality for all.
Welcome to the Reign of God!


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