Matthew 1:17-23
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

The proof.
The validation.
The reasons for the importance.
This is Matthew’s equivalent of
Matthew is telling us that he has
his facts straight
and knows what he is talking about.
Then he starts talking about
angels of God
and virgins
and almost deserting fathers,
and comes close to losing us
when he drops the real bombshell —
this child is the one
foretold by the ancient prophets,
named Immanuel,
which means,
“God is with us.”
This is Matthew’s way of telling us that
this the child of the promise!
the time of the year when
we can step up to our knees in promises
and wade through the waters of life
to the eternal shores of the sacred!
In the end
which is really
the beginning,
Advent makes it clear
that the best fact checker around
can be found
in the holy desire of our souls…
And you know this;
you should know this:
there is a holy desire
living within our souls that yearns for
the love and hope and joy and peace
of the Divine Being.
AND we can trust
this sacred yearning
to lead us on
the long path
from Advent
through to Easter morning.

© Hilary F. Marckx, BMI, all rights reserved


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