Not The Expected Offering

Not The Expected Offering

What God Requires
Micah 6:6-8
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

God wants none of our holy intentions.
God wants none of our piety.
God wants none of our self-righteousness,
or our righteousness, for that matter.
God wants no sacrifice.
God does not want us to light candles,
burn incense, sing extra loud,
pray good, fast, or dance.
God is interested in our souls,
insofar as they are in bodies that
are cared for and healthy.
But what God really wants is for us to
be just—not just legal,
and with either the letter or the spirit of the law, but just.
God wants us to make sure that justice is done.
We are to insist that mercy is always the first concern.
I see this as the mandate for our own time.
I am not writing about politics.
Though politics is part of it.
I am not writing about demonstrating.
Though demonstrating is key.
I am not writing about sending letters to our nation’s leaders.
Though how can we not?
I am writing about each and everyone of us, ALL OF US,
becoming not just beacons of justice,
not only arbiters of mercy,
but watchers and rectifiers and doers and bringers
and proclaimers and standard setters
of justice and mercy in our communities,
among our friends and to the strangers among us.
It is no longer enough to promote sanctuaries,
but we, each of us, must be sanctuaries
for all who seek justice and mercy and grace:
this is what God requires…


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