How The Light Gets In

How The Light Gets In

Matthew 5:14-16
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

How many times
have we heard someone say,
or said ourselves:
Love and light,
be the light,
shine your light
holding you in the light,
let your light shine…
But in this text,
Jesus tells us that
we are the light of the world,
and have you ever wondered
just what that means?
What it means for us
to be the light of the world?
When we remember that
Jesus kept
explaining that
he is us and we are he,
we find it hard to comprehend.
It seems just wrong to be akin to Jesus—
maybe sacrilegious?
But consider this,
we are not elevating our own selves,
Jesus is trying to lift us up,
and in the process
attempting to show us
the rights and obligations we
have as ones
who are on his plane of existence.
We are broken.
We are wounded.
There are cracks in our facades.
Though it is something we do not like to admit,
We are by and large afraid
of being different,
of standing out.
it seems that God gives us light
to shine and share
regardless of what we think we are,
and no matter what
we might do or think
of ourselves
God finds us to be
lights gleaming in the wilderness
and it seems
we are living examples
of the chorus in the Leonard Cohen song, “Anthem…”

“There Is a Crack, a Crack, in Everything,
That’s How the Light Gets In.”

And so
let us pray that in spite of our
we can let the light get in
so it can make us,
with all our cracks and chips,
shine with
Christ’s holy light
for the world to see.


1 thought on “LETTING THE LIGHT IN

  1. How delightful and how very true. The word of God is always so powerful… Thank you. Also, I did a show on letting you light shine. I think you will like it because it fits so well with your poem. You will find it at: https://youtu.be/QmoErZyVR6k

    God Bless You,
    Sista’ Joy

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