Choosing Life

Choosing Life Hidden by Our Fear

Deuteronomy 30:15-20
Matthew 5:21-22
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

So, WOW,
Choose life
so that you and your children can live?
If it seems a little harsh and Old Testament-ish, it is.
there is something about the statement that rings true.
How do we define,
or think of life?
Is it just
inhaling/exhaling,moving, thinking, seeing, speaking,
or is it more
and something else entirely?
It seems,
and you do know this,
that being alive
is more than simply taking up space and breathing.
Being alive has
to do with quality also.
In the Deuteronomy text we are told to walk
in the ways of God or die.
In the Matthew reading we are told just how
much our angry words matter.
In the Genesis creation story
we learned that God uses
words to create and give life.
In the first verses of the Gospel of John
we are informed that Jesus
is the Word (Logos)
that is the life God
breathed to create all things.
But Matthew apprises us that
our words can also murder.
The temptation in times
of stress when we
do not find comfort
in what is going on around us is
to lash out in anger—
this is especially the case
in our present political environment,
where our disagreements
seem much more significant,
and the fires in our bellies
are burning out of control
and we are ping-ponging
between depression and rage.
fear, rage, indignation, pain, shock,
our inner and conflicting feelings of hopelessness and purpose,
are not excuses
for us to act out what the scriptures
describe as choosing death.
And while we may not physically die
or cause others to physically die,
we will surely cause severe
damage to our own souls/spirits/emotions
and the
souls/spirits/emotions of those around us to wither.
God throws down the gauntlet
and says
“I place before you Life and Death, Blessing and Curse. Choose life…”
the Word that is God,
what you do to those you deem insignificant
or whatever, you do to me —

How will we choose?


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