potentiality #29

potentiality #29

Matthew 5:38-48
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

This is the Gospel.
This is at the heart of what Jesus was/is,
the code by which he lived/worked/died.
This is Jesus…
It gave him the power
by which he healed people.
It was his focus/paradigm/mode/plan
for life.
From heaven to earth,
it was his guiding vision,
his roadmap to the cross,
his singular message,
his exegetical tool for
interpreting scripture
and his plan for building
what he called the Kingdom of God.
I think that if Jesus could make a commentary
on how we Christians,
were doing in the
building-the-Kingdom category
it would be pretty grim.
We just do not get it at all!
so let me ask,
when was the last time you actually
offered grace,
gave or offered love
to your enemies?
Not just the ones with atomic bombs pointed at you,
or political foes,
but the ones
who picked the scabs
off those sensitive
little areas
you pretend are healed?
I believe that our commission as Christians,
the real Great Commission,
is less to “save souls,”
and more to offer love.
But we don’t really want
to offer love to those on
of our righteous opinions,
do we?
We want the kingdom
for our kind
our liberal/progressivekind
our conservative/evangelical/fundamental kind,
with all of its love and grace,
but we want that
Old Testament rule of revenge
for our dissenters.
Yet, we can’t have both.
We do not really want
to follow Jesus
because there is
a cross at the end,
and we can’t seem to see beyond
the cross to resurrection.
I guess the question is this:
Do we want to live in the hell
of anger and non-forgiveness,
or the heaven
of loving?
How we answer to this
question is really
our own
our own guiding vision,
our own roadmap to our own cross,
our singular message,
our exegetical tool for
interpreting scripture
and our plan
for building what Jesus called
the Kingdom of God.


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