Sometimes The Road Through Lent

Again, I’m playing catch up here with a couple of these I’m doing back to back…
Matthew 4:1-11
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

For this first Sunday of Lent
I am asking, by what are we tempted?
But the question is also,
by whom are we tempted?
We all know that there are things—
good wine,
a second serving,
not doing something boring we need
to do to do
something really fun,
giving in to our anger—
that are temptations.
But there are people as well.
Promulgators of comfortable
yet wrong-headed ideas.
Tempters and thieves
of our souls.
We have read the Gospel.
We have listened to moral arguments.
We all have known
since Sunday School, or kindergarten,
the differences between right and wrong
and most of the time we get it all really right.
And yet,
we each of us,
as we walk through this Lenten season
have a golden opportunity to
pray through those things and
people who tempt us
and allow God to change us.
What choices
are we faced with?
What paths
are we avoiding that we should take?
What do we do
when we are faced with injustice?
What jokes
do we laugh at?
Who suffers
when we make choices
based purely on our own comfort?
What decisions
can we make that bring us the most peace?
Who are our friends,
and do they help us make right choices,
or do they enable our bad choices?
Lent gives us
an opportunity to
ask of God and
of ourselves,
Am I satisfied
with the kind of person that am I,
and if not,
what kind of person
could I become?”


1 thought on “QUESTIONS FOR LENT

  1. “What kind of person could I become?”
    A question as appropriate for seniors as it is for young adults. Our lives as exploration, stepping into the unknown. To keep going past the boundaries of an easy safeness when the path gets uneven. Where the Way requires travel in darkness.

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