Come On In!!

Matthew 21: 1-11

© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved


My little granddaughter, Khaleesi,

walks into a room waving to the crowd,

any crowd

as if they were her subjects

and she is their royal princess.

Grand entrances work if you are either

truly grand,

or three years old and cute as a bug.

Jesus, now,

gritty, sweaty,

Galilean on a donkey,

Jesus was whatever he was,

but for sure he wasn’t cute.

He was serious business.


he was on his way to die.

It is debated

whether or not there was a crowd.

There are arguments about

whether or not

he was actually seen as God,


as he is portrayed,


in this text.

For me,

the question is less

how he was seen,

or how many people gathered,

or even

how majestic was his entrance.

For me the question is,

always is,


how do I/will I respond to his entrance

into my heart and life?

How have I

responded in the past?

Sometimes with overwhelming gratitude,

joy, near tears from relief

as I realize

I no longer have to make it on my own,

many times

irritation as I struggle with

the inconvenience of change —

of heart, of attitude, of preferences, of will…

Those times when I just want to be mean

and get even,

hurt back,


dig deep for some grace

to exchange for hurt,

are the times I know for sure

that I have truly encountered

this one

who enters worlds and political systems and hearts

by way of a humble servant.


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