AND TELL THEM — an early meditation for Easter

Easter for all

John 20: 1-18

© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Go to my sisters and brothers

and tell them…

An Easter Morning Commission.

Tell them.

Tell them what you have seen.

Tell them what you have heard.

Tell them…

Mary had seen

and told.

What have we seen that we can tell?

Mary had heard

and told.

What have we heard that we can tell?

So what is there to tell, anyway?

It’s more than an interesting question.

What do we have to say about Jesus?

That we have seen…

That we have heard…

That all are welcome at the Table?

That we will be the Jesus you need

to love and journey with you?

That hope is alive

and lives and is

already in your heart

if you will but listen?

I have seen joy.

I have seen the beauty

of new life growing in God.

I have heard stories about wonder.

I have heard voices break as

fear turns to joy.

Not just from Sunday witness,

but from the very souls of those we encounter

when we really, truly, listen.

Truly hear the heart.

Really see the soul.

Recognizing the sacredness of the other

in every encounter.

Listening, seeing, this is how we spread

mercy and hope and grace.

Calling out,


being present,


sending out to tell,


going out and telling,

this is Easter…


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