BELIEVING, an Earth Day Meditation

Dream a Greening Planet, painting by Hilary Marckx

John 20: 19-31

© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved


Earth Day.

The scientists marched.

A day to consider the Earth:

what it is, what it is to us,

what we are because of it,

what we would be without it.

We humans seem to live

in compartments of

either/or polarizations.

We think of ourselves

as separate entities

from each other,

all other life forms—

even from ourselves,

if you consider

how we all let our conscious minds


they have bodies attached.

Yet, all that is,

is a part of all that is.

There is a silliness abounding

in this nation

that has many convinced

that environmental issues

do not count as much

as economic profits,

that making money

from coal and oil is more


than protecting humans

from black lung disease.

There is a belief

in some sectors that

science apart from the

science supporting industrial expansion,

or creationism,

can be discounted with impunity

and without consequence.

The call to faith,

the invitation to believe,

comes from many places

and in divergent manifestations.

It is more than convenience

that moves us to believe

in pierced hands

we have never actually seen.

I wonder how hard it is to believe

that in the devastation of this planet

we can see the pierced hands

of the one who spoke this earth

into being?

Or how hard

it might be to find a

crucified Jesus

in the devastation of our planet?

Because I think in theological terms,

I can see a link

between the actions humans

take that hurt our earth

and what we do that harms

our relationships with each other

and with God.

I have come to understand that we,

the earth—

all creation

is part of God’s incredible

and beautiful body.

And because I believe this,

I have come to believe

what we do to each other,

what we do to the earth,

we do to our God.


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